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Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest

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6 - 9p

$1 off drinks for everyone wearing an ugly Christmas sweater! Winner will receive a free night's stay!

History of the Ugly Christmas Sweater

Are you wondering how the whole ugly Christmas sweater party trend began? Christmas sweaters have been around since the way-back days after WWII, when knitters first put moose and snowflakes into their patterned sweaters. The Nordic sweaters of the 40's and 50's were awesome to see and functional to wear. They were usually wool and had patterns on the back, front, and arms.  

The fashion industry put holiday sweaters on the map in the 80s, when colorful sweaters were hot on the runway, and padded shoulders were standard fare. Ah, to be a designer in the 80s! There was not such thing as too many colors or too many patterns on one sweater. There was no shortage of these over the top knits during the 1980, and moms and grandmas all over the USA wore them with pride. 

The glam sweaters were out of style for about 20 years when, in 2002, some college kids decided to wear their mom's sweaters to a themed house party  in Vancouver, Canada called an 'Ugly Christmas Sweater Party'. Their party was a success, and it became a popular local event.

Thus, the 'Ugly' Christmas sweater party was born, and attendees were told there was a prize for the 'most ugly sweater'! As the parties gained popularity and the prizes became coveted, party attendees were looking for a sweater that was SO ugly that it could be a contender for the 'MOST UGLY' prize.