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Join The Firebrand Hotel as we take a more in-depth look at wine the second Wednesday of each month, September through June. 

We are exited to start a new Wine School Series!

Join us for #4 in a series of 8 : A study of Nebbiolo, Barbera & Sangiovese

It's time to ditch the same ol' wine youíve been drinking & expand your palate. Not only will you experience the entire range of wine including noble grapes & more, but you'll be on the fast track to becoming a wine expert & finding your new favorite wine.

$20 per person
Please RSVP by Feb. 10th / Call 406.863.1919



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Wine Series:

November - Pinot Noir / Grenache / Rosé
December - Cabernet / Cab Franc / Merlot / Beaujolais
January - Tempranillo / Malbec / Syrah / Zinfandel
February - Nebbiolo / Barbera / Sangiovese
March - Chardonnay / Chenin Blanc / Semillon
April - Pinot Gris / Pinot Grigio / Riesling / Sauv. Blanc
May - Prosecco / Champagne / Moscato
June - Learning Pairing Food with Wine / $50